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Selling Your Home

By: Lisa Smith

Selling you home can be more complicated than you think.   When deciding to sell the first thing you do is investigate the local market.  If the Smiths down the street sold their house for a premium, surely you can get more.   Maneuvering through comparable sales data, advertising options, showing of your property 7 days a week, contracts and inspections could prove to be the most complex legal procedure of your life.  Selling your home could require compliance with state laws, like disclosures for Radon Gas, Lead Based Paint and Homeowners Associations.  Forgetting to tell potential buyers about these things along with mold, flood plains and building defects could set you up for a lawsuit later.   Having an experienced Real Estate Sales Associate in your corner can make the process easy.  Since Sales Associates handle these tasks on a daily basis you are assured of a worry free sale.

Timing is one of the keys to selling your home.  The first month your house is listed is the critical time to expose it to buyers. Your Sales Associate should provide you with comparable sales and discuss how your home should be priced in comparison.   If your house is overpriced it could turn other Sales Associates and Buyers away and it will be hard to entice them back even if the price is reduced later.  In a Seller’s market when homes are selling in a few weeks it is easier to ask a price higher than comparable sales for your home.  In a Buyer’s market it is best to price your house just above the last comparable sales, but just below or equivalent to the comparable houses currently listed. check out our other blog about national rates and how pricing your home is important to sell now. Click Here

Curb appeal is another key to selling to your home quickly.  If your home appears welcoming and neat from the outside, buyers will be eager to see the inside.   Keep the grass mowed, plant some new flowers, mulch flower beds and clean the windows.   Also take a good look at the inside of your home.  Does your house look cluttered, worn or tired?  Open drapes and blinds when the house is going to be shown, make sure the kitchen and bathrooms are clean and there are no offensive odors lingering.  It is a good idea to have someone take your pets for a walk or outside during showings.  Cleaning out closets and straightening the garage are a must.  Consider painting rooms a neutral color, changing out an outdated or damaged light fixture and moving unneeded personal items to storage.  While these details may seem small or unnecessary they will make your home more inviting to others.

Selling your home does not have to be stressful or complicated.  By hiring a professional from Parkside Realty Group, LLC you are assured of a hassle free sale.

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