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The Impact of New Developments on Palm Coast Property Values

Source By Teri Silver New housing developments are popping up all over the United States, including Florida’s Palm Coast. Property values change constantly, especially when homebuyers decide they want to live a tropical lifestyle. How will new housing builds affect the sales market for established neighborhoods? The short answer is, only time will tell. That, […]

Holiday Home Selling: Making the Most of the Winter Magic!

Key Facts: Unique Winter Market: Fewer listings mean more attention for your home. Digital Marketing Focus: Virtual tours and online listings attract busy holiday buyers. Holiday Selling Tactics: Flexibility and festive marketing make your home stand out. Selling your home during the winter holidays? It’s an exciting time! There’s so much to explore in this […]

Seize the Season: Opportunities in Holiday Homebuying

Key Takeaways: Reduced Competition: The holiday season sees fewer active buyers, giving you a distinct advantage in terms of choice and negotiation power. Motivated Sellers: People listing their homes during the holidays are often keen to close quickly, offering you leverage for better deals and terms. Seasonal Goodwill: The holiday spirit often leads to smoother […]