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What’s selling in Flagler County a look at market trends

Market Trends and Flagler County Home Sales for September 2011

I have pulled together sales and listing information for Flagler County Real Estate.  This is for homes only I will put out the Flagler County condo report tomorrow. The information has been gathered off Flagler County MLS and as most things it is reliable but not guaranteed.  The market is hot right now and I’m not just saying that.  Having lost out on 3 Palm Coast bank owned properties recently to multiple offers and highest bids I can tell you that now is definitely the time to buy.  Inventory has shrunk in many Flagler County communities, Interest rates are at historic lows and there continues to be a trickle of Flagler County bank owned and short sale properties hitting the market. 

Tips and Notes for buying and selling Flagler County Real Estate:

  • What’s Selling? The hot deals….the low hanging fruit of course. Flagler County distressed properties are HOT!
  • In Flagler County neighborhoods that had homes sell in the month of September, over 50% (51.6% to be exact) of those sales were bank owned or short sales.
  • Short Sales are getting closed. The time frame required to get these deals done has shrunk in many cases. Banks, Realtors, short sale negotiators, title companies are all coming together and getting these things closed. Don’t shy away from short sales, there has been much bad press. Get advice from your local Flagler County Realtor and an updated list of Flagler County distressed properties. Check them out, there are some great short sales out there.
  • Of note, many of the short sales that closed in these Flagler County Communities had 2 mortgages. That’s right if you have a property to sell in Palm Coast or Flagler Beach and had given up short selling y0ur property because you have 2 mortgages, don’t let this stop you.  Foreclosure is always worse than a short sale and has long lasting implications.
  • For the most part the highest priced communities are seeing slower sales and in some cases communities such as Ocean Hammock, Hammock Beach and Hammock Dunes saw no home sales.  This is always the case as there is usually a smaller buyer pool the higher priced the property.  However, now more than ever this is true.

Bottom Line ….Buyers yes, now is the time. Jump in make an offer.  If you are looking at bank owned properties in Palm Coast or Flagler Beach expect multiple offers. Be prepared…have a deposit check ready and proof of funds or lender approval at your disposal.  A day or two delay here can cost you. Trust me, this is from my personal experience as of late.  Sellers it doesn’t matter how much you “want” for your home.  That strategy is not in play now and won’t be for some time. If you want to sell, listen to your Realtor. The market is dictating price right now….period. If you are underwater and want a team to help you short sale your property (yes, even if you have two mortgages) contact The Orak Team your Flagler County Real Estate Experts and Short Sale Experts.

Flagler County Prices and Sales for September 2011

The links in blue will take you properties listed for sale currently in each community…see something you like call The Orak Team 800-931-2071, we’re ready!

Prices & Sales
September 2011
# Homes for sale # New Listings #Pending #Sold # Distressed
AVG List Price AVG Sale Price
Belle Terre/Pine Grove 93 16 8 20 12 $141,522 $102,920
Cypress Knoll 31 5 9 3 2 $197,550 $136,167
Flagler Beach 77 7 20 7 4 $448,754 $225,143
Grand Haven 63 12 10 5 2 $406,394 $330,300
Halifax Plantation 15 0 2 1 0 $298,980 $285,500
Ocean Hammock/Hammock Beach 28 6 0 0 n/a $947,875 n/a
Hammock Dunes/Island Est 52 6 2 0 n/a $802,969 n/a
Indian Trails 92 17 45 10 4 $159,545 $126,850
Lakeside Matanzas Shores 2 0 1 1 0 $299,900 $169,900
Lehigh Woods 93 31 63 18 9 $143,787 $103,111
Matanzas Woods 28 7 15 4 3 $201,732 $112,200
Palm Coast Plantation 13 2 1 0 n/a $512,850 n/a
Palm Harbor 139 20 34 25 9 $279,828 $159,116
Pine Lakes 84 17 45 14 8 $159,946 $109,243
Plantation Bay 24 2 2 4 0 $662,250 $272,725
Quail Hollow 25 5 9 2 2 $135,176 $98,500
Sanctuary 3 1 0 0 n/a $779,633 n/a
Sea Colony 7 0 0 0 n/a $393,714 n/a
Seminole Woods 32 6 19 9 8 $136,381 $97,444
Tidelands 3 0 0 0 n/a $347,333 n/a
Yacht Harbor Village 2 0 0 0 n/a $549,500 n/a

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