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Hammock Dunes Interesting Facts


Fun facts from Hammock Dunes HOA for you.

Bulletin 006


Earlier this year we shared the results of a survey of the property owners in Hammock Dunes.  One of the observations of this study identified that 90% of the owners were born in the US.  A cross view of the results showed that the US region, from which these residents moved to Hammock Dunes, was pretty equally divided between the Northeast, Midwest and Southeast sections of the country (Florida was the largest originating state).  Recently there has been considerable national press about the booming real estate market in South Florida and the impact that foreign buyers played in that resurgence.  As a result we thought that it would be worthwhile sharing with you information regarding the foreign born owners in Hammock Dunes.  Ten percent of the Hammock Dunes Owners responding to the survey were born outside the US.  The geographic distribution of these owners is as shown below:

  •             3% Africa
  •           22% Asia
  •           17% Canada
  •             9% Eastern Europe
  •           36% European Union
  •             2% Middle East
  •             7% South America
  •             4% Caribbean

Of these owners 22 % were under the age of 60;  46 % were working full or part time; 35 % purchased a condominium, 41 % purchased or built a home and 6 % currently own an unimproved lot; and  67 % consider Hammock Dunes their primary residence.

If you have prospective International clients, Hammock Dunes may be just the community that they are seeking……Oceanfront, Intra Coastal waterway frontage, two world class golf courses, two oceanfront croquet courts, excellent tennis facilities, bocce courts and exceptional dining prepared by one of sixty seven Certified Master Chefs in the United States and one of six in a Country Club.


Hammock Dunes Owners’ Association

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